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Into Space 3

Into Space 3 Video-Anleitung - Into Space 3: Weihnachtsgeschichte

Böse Außerirdische haben alle Weihnachtsgeschenke geklaut! Santas Elfen sind hilflos, also musst du Weihnachten retten! Nimm deine. Auch in Into Space 3 sollst du mal wieder dein Fähigkeit als Raketen Ingenieur unter Beweis stellen. Spiele mit den Pfeiltasten deiner Tastatur und versuche die​. Spiele das kostenlose Spiel Into Space 3 - Xmas Story auf! Klicken und das Spiel Into Space 3 - Xmas Story kostenlos spielen! Wir haben die besten. Spiele Into Space 3: Xmas Story auf FunnyGames! Baue die beste Rakete und fliche ins Weltall um so die U.F.O. auszuschalten! Lustiges Spiel. Viel Spaß! Into Space 3 ist ein süchtig machendes Online-Spiel auf der kostenlose Online-​Spiele Website HierSpielen. Into Space 3 is Teil action spiele und distanz spiele.

Into Space 3

Into Space 3 ist ein süchtig machendes Online-Spiel auf der kostenlose Online-​Spiele Website HierSpielen. Into Space 3 is Teil action spiele und distanz spiele. Into Space 3 Xmas Story Spiel - Auf kannst du umsonst und ohne Anmeldung kostenlose online Spiele spielen! Browser Flash. Spiele hier das kostenlose OnlineSpiel - Into Space 3 Xmas Story - Jetzt über OnlineSpiele kostenlos spielen - Wähle auf aus tausenden.

Retrieved 19 February Jet On The Moon. Archived from the original on 22 May BBC Radio 4. Letters from Listeners. Radio Times. BBC Publications. The Sunday Times.

London: News International. Retrieved 12 May Den of Geek. Retrieved 30 April Round Midnight with Brian Matthew. BBC Radio 2.

Press Office Press release. BBC Worldwide. Retrieved 7 May Charles Chilton's hugely successful radio series comes to audio in a complete and unabridged novelisation read by William Hope.

Archived from the original on 11 January Space opera serials — Science fiction opera Planetary romance Military science fiction. Categories : BBC Light Programmes BBC Radio dramas British science fiction radio programmes Ancient astronauts in fiction Alien invasions in fiction Cryonics in fiction Fiction about time travel Fiction set in prehistory Fiction set in Fiction set in Fiction set in Fiction set in Fiction set in Fiction set in Fiction set in Fiction set in Prehistoric people in popular culture Moon in fiction Mars in fiction Space opera Works about astronauts Works set in outer space radio programme debuts radio programme endings Future history.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Latina Nederlands Suomi Edit links. Andrew Faulds. Guy Kingsley Poynter. Bruce Beeby episodes 2 to 6.

David Kossoff. David Williams. Nigel Graham. David Jacobs. Alan Marriott. Chris Moran. Jot Davies. Robert Perceval.

Duncan McIntyre. Errol McKinnon. Jessica Dunning. Wyndham Milligan. But something goes wrong, and the rocket heads towards Las Vegas, out of control.

The rocket hits Las Vegas, killing at least 35 people, and the Poker Flats site is shut down. Jet is appointed the rocket's pilot, and he and Lemmy travel to Australia to meet Mitch at the secret Operation Luna base.

On arrival, Mitch takes them to meet Smitty, the team's doctor, but he is found dead. Doc Matthews replaces Smitty who died from a coronary , and Lemmy is to be the radio operator.

Mitch spots a plane flying around the launch site, suspects spies are active, and advances the launch date. Radio contact with Earth is lost.

Lemmy hears odd 'music' on the radio, before contact is resumed, and a tiny meteor hits Luna. No damage is sustained, but Lemmy hears the strange music again outside the ship and panics.

Luna is turned round for the Moon landing, and Lemmy hears the 'music' again during the final approach. The crew narrate their first moonwalk by radio to Earth on 22 October While exploring a crater, Jet unaccountably vanishes from sight.

The crew experience strange things: Jet has visions of the past and the future; Lemmy is disturbed by the 'music' again; Doc sees a strange dome over a crater, and writes an odd diary entry without realising.

Their last week on the Moon passes without incident, but as they prepare to leave for home, the ship completely loses all power.

The crew are stuck on the Moon and unable to trace what has caused the power failure. A fortnight passes, with the air temperature rising uncomfortably in the absence of air-conditioning.

A UFO is seen on the televiewer on the seventh day, and strange noises are heard on the tenth. When they are left with just enough oxygen to reach home, power is suddenly restored to the ship, and the UFO is seen to have landed outside.

Mitch is inquisitive and enters the UFO, where he is temporarily possessed by an alien intelligence. Luna takes off and orbits the Moon; on the far side, the crew encounter a fleet of UFOs, which pursues them.

The UFOs accelerate Luna to an incredible speed, and the crew blacks out. On recovering, they find themselves out in deep space, with no sign of the Earth or Moon.

In the distance, a planet is approaching. The crew land Luna on the planet and discover that it shares many of Earth's characteristics — oxygen atmosphere, drinkable water, carbon-based vegetation and ice-caps at both the poles.

After studying the stars one night, Jet deduces that they in fact are on Earth, but that they've travelled thousands of years through time. Jet discovers a prehistoric stone knife near Luna, suggesting that they've travelled back in time; but there is some confusion over this when the crew discover the tracks of a great tank-like machine near their ship.

One morning, a UFO exactly like the one seen on the Moon lands nearby, and a voice is heard over the radio: "Hello Luna!

The crew talk with 'the voice'. They learn that the strange music they've been hearing is generated by a strange, omnipresent power that 'the voice' and his people use to drive their ships.

Eventually it lands again, in a city of domed buildings. They learn more about 'the voice' and his people — they are a peaceful, scientific race from the opposite side of the universe.

They learnt to travel through time when their solar system was threatened by its expanding sun. The crew explore the city, and are disturbed by a close encounter with a sabre-toothed tiger.

Fortunately, the creature does not attack them, but they now realise that they have travelled back through time instead of forward. They enter a domed building, walk down a long dark tunnel, and emerge in a huge underground city.

They are invited into another building to meet 'the voice', but are terrified by what they find inside Next morning, 'the voice' tells the crew about the Earth's native 'forest creatures', destructive and hostile animals, and promises to help the crew get back to their own time.

While preparing Luna for take-off, the crew are horrified to realise that the 'forest creatures' are, in fact, prehistoric humans. Luna takes off and is accelerated by the UFOs; the crew blacks out.

They start to ponder on the nature of time, and become concerned about their shortage of fuel, and whether they will remember their adventures when they reach their own time.

The crew successfully return to the Moon in , but with no memory of their adventure on prehistoric Earth.

However, their rations have been replaced by water and an unknown bread-like substance; Doc's diary contains a detailed account; and there's a prehistoric stone knife on board Luna April Jet and Mitch travel from Earth to the Moon by rocket.

The Mars fleet the flagship Discovery , 8 freighters and 20 men begins its journey. During an EVA , Mitch's safety line fails, leaving him adrift.

Jet manages to rescue Mitch, using a miniature rocket unit. Frank Rogers, of 2, tells Lemmy he's not getting on at all well with Whitaker, his shipmate.

Later, Control requests information about Whitaker; and Whitaker starts behaving very strangely while Jet is questioning him.

While Whitaker is in a strange deep sleep, both Frank and Lemmy have nightmares. Radar suddenly reveals a huge meteor swarm ahead of the fleet, blocking its path.

Just as Lemmy escorts Whitaker to his new ship, 7, a large meteor destroys the ship. Control discovers very odd information about Whitaker - the only man answering to his description was apparently born in , and has been missing since The fleet changes course twice to avoid the meteor swarm, but both times it moves to block their path again.

The crew realise they have only one option: to head straight through the swarm. The fleet enters the swarm, and for nearly 7 hours all electronic equipment is badly disrupted.

Peterson reports an emergency on board 6 with Whitaker. On leaving the swarm, 6 is nowhere to be seen, and the swarm is now blocking radio contact with Control.

Two weeks later, Discovery apparently re-establishes contact with home, but as they prepare to take an important message, the crew are puzzled by the short delay between replies.

A radio message apparently from Control orders the fleet to return home. However, a bearing on the radio signal reveals the transmitter to be somewhere in front of the fleet, thus proving the message to be a fake.

Jet decides they must enter the ship to investigate. Jet and Doc transfer to 6, and Whitaker is found badly injured in the ship's hold, but Peterson has vanished.

Jet has a strange dream, and Whitaker dies from his injuries, suddenly transforming into an old man. Recording tapes found in the cabin confirm the crew's suspicions that Whitaker faked the radio message.

Discovery and 6 both rejoin the fleet, and Jet and Lemmy are shocked to hear Peterson's voice on the radio.

Peterson's suicide recording is found, and radio contact with Control is restored. The fleet finally enters orbit round Mars, and Discovery lands at the South Pole, but a strange soporific noise troubles the crew and causes them to crash-land.

Jet reveals that the strange noise caused him to black out, but the crew are all safe. Whilst conducting experiments, they soon get lost in a dense fog.

They see a mysterious orange light, mistaking it for the landing light of the Discovery, and the same soporific noise heard during the landing causes them to lose consciousness.

Doc and Frank rescue Jet and Mitch using a land transport truck, and Jet says he dreamed of a ruined city in a valley. Discovery' s crew begin the exploration of Mars in the land trucks, whilst Freighter 2 begins to ferry supplies down from the fleet in orbit.

However, on its second trip down, the freighter pilot hears the soporific noise and the ship apparently crashes. Racing to reach the crashed freighter before sunset, the Discovery's crew reaches the Mare Australis, the plain north of the ice cap.

After nightfall, they see a mysterious white light moving across the plain. In the morning, they spot the crashed freighter, but upon reaching it find its crew missing.

However, there are strange marks in the ground nearby which Jet deduces to belong to "the light", realising that a ship has visited and kidnapped the freighter crew.

Jet resolves to change the exploration route and go after the ship. The Discovery crew travel west across the Mare Australis in pursuit of the mysterious ship.

Meanwhile, Frank and Grimshaw, currently crew members of Freighter 1, reach the wrecked 2 and take up residence for the night.

However, during the night, a 'sphere' spherical UFO arrives and its crew attempt to enter the wreck. Whilst observing the crew, Frank realises they are human.

A few days later, Discovery's crew reach a valley in the Argyre Desert, and Jet spots a city which is identical to the one in his earlier dream.

Discovery' s crew explore the valley's ruined city, but Lemmy vanishes, and experiences a hypnotic dream.

He's later found with McLean pilot of 2 , who is now mysteriously able to breathe the Martian atmosphere without a helmet.

Jet and Doc return Lemmy to the caravans, and Doc deduces that Whitaker and McLean had been 'conditioned' hypnotised , allowing them to be controlled, as well as breathe in the Martian atmosphere.

Mitch becomes separated from the others, and meets a man who claims to be a dingo hunter in Australia. Meanwhile McLean, disguised in Mitch's spacesuit, enters the caravan and confronts Lemmy.

McLean reveals that only two of his three crew mates survived the crash, and declares that Mitch is alive but will never return to the fleet or Earth.

He then tries to overpower but Lemmy wins the fight. The sphere is spotted on top of the city, but takes off with Jet, Lemmy and Doc in pursuit again.

Meanwhile, Mitch, lost in the desert and now able to breathe the Martian atmosphere, comes across a house inhabited by a man and woman, who claim to be sheep farmers living in Australia in Driven to a frenzy, Mitch demands explanations, only for the farmer to turn his rifle on him.

Jet, Doc and Lemmy discover the farm house, and find Mitch inside it. But Mitch is now 'conditioned' to believe he's in Australia, and doesn't recognise the others.

He refuses to rejoin them, and attacks Jet, puncturing his helmet. As the others work to save him, the sphere lands outside and the crew are trapped.

A 'flying doctor' has arrived in the sphere, with Dobson and Harding of 2 'conditioned' and working as his assistants. Although Jet successfully escapes back to the land trucks, the doctor manages to capture Doc and Lemmy.

He tries to 'condition' them using the soporific noise, but they manage to resist. They find themselves being taken to a much larger Martian city.

Jet sets out after the sphere again, having ordered McLean to follow him in the second caravan. Meanwhile, the sphere arrives at Lacus Solis the Martian capital , and the flying doctor reveals the Martian plan to invade the Earth in Lemmy overpowers the doctor in a struggle, and he and Doc contact Frank, who is searching for them in 1.

Through him, they pass their news to Jet, but then Frank hears the soporific noise and his freighter crashes. Doc and Lemmy escape the city in the sphere with Mitch, who starts to recover from his 'conditioning', but can only remember being two weeks away from reaching Mars.

Meanwhile, Jet is contacted by Webster, a man trying to return to Earth, and learns more about the Martians. Webster offers to help Jet find his lost crew mates, but while travelling across the desert, they spot a sphere hovering above them.

The sphere turns out to be Doc and Lemmy's, and Discovery crew are fully reunited at last Thanks to advice from Webster, Mitch completes his recovery.

Jet, Lemmy and Webster try to rescue Frank and Grimshaw from an underground factory, but they cannot be reached, and during a fight with the factory supervisor, Webster is injured and dies.

The crew return to Discovery at the North Pole, and take off for home, escaping a pursuing fleet of spheres. Their news of the upcoming Martian invasion is passed to Earth, causing great commotion.

They land back on the Moon six months later, but what happens next is another story The Discovery and two freighters return to the Moon from the disastrous Mars expedition.

The crew are subjected to intense questioning about their experiences on Mars, and Lemmy discovers that the Discovery is being readied for take off.

Hop in your rocket and help get them back. Use the arrow keys to turn your spaceship in the air, and press up to use your thrusters.

Fly as high as you can collecting candy and gifts. Spend your candy wisely to buy upgrades for your ship, and collect gifts to unlock new ones.

Play the classic game of strategy. You can challenge the computer, a friend, or join a match against another online player. Feel the air rush past you as you soar through the finish line.

Outlast your opponents in the ultimate copter arena. Grab upgrades and superpowers, avoid the toxic fog, and be the last one flying!

Test your aim in online multiplayer! Race your opponent to get to zero first. You'll have to calculate your own score.

Your pineapple is trapped at the top of a huge tower! Jump over pits of lava and dodge dangerous traps to rescue it. Grow your civilization during the Bronze Age.

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Besuche das Casino Deko. Confirm Etwas ist falsch gelaufen, bitte versuche es nochmal. Learn to Fly 3 1 x. Jugendschutz Datenschutz Kontakt Impressum. Mah Superlenny Auszahlung Connect x. Wenn Sie weiterhin unsere Seite verwenden, stimmen Sie automatisch unseren Beste Online Casinos Deutschland und Cookieregelnzu. Makierungen Siehe alle Tags. Jet is found under his bed and the unconscious man is found to be Frank Rogers. Retrieved 19 February Although Jet successfully escapes back to the land trucks, the doctor manages to capture Doc and Lemmy. Space Battle 5. Peterson's suicide recording is found, and radio contact with Control is restored. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload Casino Hotel Praia Da Rocha. Fill in your details below or Pushy Kostenlos an icon Www Sunmaker Com log in:. Into Space 3: Weihnachtsgeschichte - Fliegen mit der Rakete am Himmel und sammeln die gestohlenen Weihnachtsgeschenke. Into Space 3 - Xmas Story is a new and popular Rocket game for kids. It uses the Flash technology. Play this Armor Games game now or enjoy the many other. Hier kannst du Into Space 3 - Xmas Story spielen. Der Weihnachtsmann hatte dieses Jahr große Probleme alle Geschenke rechtzeitig abzuliefern. Nun versucht. Spiele hier das kostenlose OnlineSpiel - Into Space 3 Xmas Story - Jetzt über OnlineSpiele kostenlos spielen - Wähle auf aus tausenden. Into Space 3 Xmas Story Spiel - Auf kannst du umsonst und ohne Anmeldung kostenlose online Spiele spielen! Browser Flash.

Into Space 3 Video

Rendering Hyperbolic Spaces - Hyperbolica Devlog #3

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Into Space 3 Video

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Into Space 3 - Into Space 3

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